Ambiguous offline analysis,
Even without an app!
Even without stores!
Even without customer data!
It's Possible!

loplat has a variety of offline data for industry-specific characteristics.
Start data-driven decision-making.

[Details of data provided]
Time spent in store
Percentage of visitors
Hourly / Daily number of visitors
Visit status
Store unit analysis
Residence/ Workplace
Competitor analysis
Complex mal floor unit analysis
Daily/Weekly visit trends
Cross-visit ratio
Device information

Data collected from expensive research is limited.
Request custom analytics data at a reasonable cost!

Widely used for sales growth, store operation, and performance measurement.

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Use Cases

Complex Mall H

“It’s the 1st opening anniversary, and I want to check the visitor trends!”

What about the offline data? 🤔

Sales data alone can't reveal offline trends. I would like to know what the customer share by the floor is and who’s locking customers in the Yeouido commercial district.

loplat's Customized Analysis 🎯

Visit analysis
  • Top 5 residential areas of H mall visitors.
  • Average time spent per person.
  • Distribution of visitors by floor
  • Percentage of H mall visits among total visitors to Yeouido.
Cross-visit analysis
  • Cross-visit within Yeouido for people visiting H mall.
  • Top 9 places most visited by visitors to Yeouido.
Commercial district analysis
  • Weekend Top 15 Foot Traffic.
  • Foot traffic growth rate of Seoul’s main commercial districts compared to 2020.
  • Top 3 Most Visited Museums in Seoul.
  • Compare the share of weekday/weekend visitors in Seoul's top 5 commercial districts.

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Outdoor Advertising Agency F

“I want to measure outdoor advertising performance!”

What about the offline data? 🤔

I want to experience offline performance measurement through loplat's residential area analysis! Can the impact of elevator advertising be measured by analyzing customer visit data?

loplat's Customized Analysis 🎯

Results of Elevator & Outdoor Advertising
Difficult to measure outdoor advertising effectiveness?

Big data collected by loplat's location tech accurately analyze the visitor’s sources and allows you to identify visitors' residential areas by city/province/district nationwide.

With loplat's residential analysis, you can measure the conversion rate of outdoor ads installed on apartments into store visits.

Tailored analysis for your taste

Contact us for offline data you need*See [Details of data provided] above
loplat data expert for customized analysis will be assigned
Data extracted and receive results analysis* Tailored reports/dashboards available

Want to see the data directly
without an analyst?

Visitor’s journey-based analysis loplat i

loplat i provides a convenient and intuitive big data dashboard for users’ offline journey.

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Competitor Store / Brand Comparison Analysis#DepartmentStore #Outlet #Distributor #Mart

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