loplat, The leading
offline location-based
tech company

loplat's indoor/outdoor location recognition tech is more accurate than GPS, leveraging Korea’s first Wi-Fi Fingerprint method.
The location infra of 700K POIs nationwide is established by loplat’s patented technology, and it is the best way to understand users.
Find out your customer's offline journey with loplat.

* Wi-Fi Fingerprint is loplat’s location-recognition tech that uses each place’s unique Wi-Fi information to determine the user.


Unlike online, offline data does not leave visit records, making data accumulation difficult.
But 70% of total consumption still occurs offline.
Understanding the customer experience begins
with the customer journey.


‘The most extensive Wi-Fi Fingerprint location infrastructure in Korea.’
‘High positioning accuracy recognized by domestic carriers.’
‘11 location-tech-related patents registered in Korea and abroad.’
’Get started with Korea’s No.1 location-tech company.’

*Customer journey map of actual loplat data.


Experience loplat’s location data today!
Utilizing offline data is the first step to business success

  • Increase Brand Sales

  • Maximize Store Visits

  • Analyze Marketing

  • Identify Commercial Districts and Foot Traffic

  • Store Development

loplat is the key
to unlocking your customers' offline journey

  • M000M

  • B00B

    Real-time Data Processing
  • K00K

    Real-time collected Location Infra
  • 232 Categories

  • 1,231 Brands

  • 270 Administrative /
    Residential Areas

  • 227 Commercial

loplat's Solutions 👀

  • loplat X

    Real-time location-based marketing solutions

    Quickly analyze mobile app users’ store visit
    behavior and conveniently run personalized
    marketing campaigns based on time, place,
    and situation.

    Learn more
  • Data Analysis/loplat-i

    Visitor’s offline journey-based analysis

    Use location big data to analyze offline visit
    behavior by brand, category, and commercial

    Learn more
  • loplat DMP

    Advertising DMP Services

    Leverage location big data to deliver
    sophisticated and customized target segments
    in online marketing campaigns.

    Learn more
  • loplat LaaS

    Location as a Service

    Implement loplat LaaS to provide location-based services without the need for reporting or obligations for location-based service businesses.

    Learn more

Offline data is a must for
the latest fashionable marketing strategies

  • Outdoor Advertising
  • CDP
  • Hyper Personalization Marketing
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Retargeting
  • Network Advertising
  • O2O Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • O4O Marketing
  • Omni-channel Viral Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Performance Marketing
  • Customer Analysis
  • Online Marketing
  • Offline Marketing
  • In-store Marketing

loplat is trusted by
industry-leading companies

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From real-time offline marketing to analysis and performance
measurement! Explore loplat’s location data today!

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