The core of loplat DMP is location

If you want to sell a car, advertise it to someone who has visited a dealer shop.
loplat DMP extracts the best targets for your campaign objectives based on location.

Request a campaign segment.*You can execute the campaign to a suitable target audience.
Check the target registered in the ad medium.*loplat will upload the extracted target segments to the ad medium.
Run the campaign.*Please run the campaign directly from your company.
*Depending on campaign purposes, the store-visit measurement from the campaign is available.

Request your campaign segments!

You can use loplat DMP to achieve your campaign objectives.

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loplat's location data is powerful

Conventional online DMP utilizes third-party data from media, devices, etc.
loplat DMP collects and processes offline visit data to provide more powerful marketing opportunities than online.

High-quality offline big data held by loplat, Optimized data classification, Segment extraction example for campaign purposes

loplat DMP
enables targeting based on store visits.

Customer Cases 1

We wanted to find customers interested in a new electric car. I ran an online ad targeting users who visited EV charging stations and showrooms!

German Car Brand ‘B’
Customer Cases 2

To promote a character for children collaboration event, we ran an online ad targeting users who visited children's theme parks and kid's cafes!

Food company ‘D’

loplat DMP
measures on/offline ad effectiveness

Customer Cases

Previously, analyzing effects of online advertising on/offline stores and in-store visits was impossible.
But with loplat data, we could estimate the costs of ads that encourage store visits.

‘S’ Electronics
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Foot Traffic Big Data
Extract Targets
  • Visitors who visited competitors but not our store.

  • Visitors who visited Cheongdam wedding street and electronic stores

  • Our Store Visitors

  • Main Residential Areas

Start Advertising
Measure Ads Performance

Target’s location tracking. Measure whether users visited targeted stores.

CampaignStart DateEnd DateAdvertising Cost
ReachVisits (people)Cost Per Visit
Yeongnam Area Main Store Grand OPEN2021. 04. 06.2021. 04. 27.3,164,49062,6906974,540
The 1st opening anniversary of Branch B store2021. 04. 23.2021. 05. 10.251,47117,346952,647
Air Conditioning Promotion2021. 05. 07.2021. 05. 16.1,513,633128,0411,2371,224
Regular Sale Event at C Department Store2021. 04. 01.2021. 04. 18.20,000,000217,04541,402483


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